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of e-commerce are impeding themselves when online channels are often the first port of call for shoppers. Central to our ambition for the growth of digital sectors is therefore to make the UK the best country to start and scale a digital business. We will continue our work to complete the roll-out of 4G and superfast broadband by 2020, but we will also implement. Ukcric stated aims are to: build on existing capabilities to establish a network of state-of-the-art large-scale experimental facilities supporting world-leading research in cities and infrastructure establish a unique, national network of local urban laboratories to sense, capture, monitor and evaluate new and existing infrastructure. O2 aims to help 20 million people engage better with technology by 2020 through its online safety partnership with the nspcc; through opening up digital skills, social action and work experience opportunities for young people through its GoThinkBig platform; and through helping customers live smarter. By 2019, nearly 200 trains with this technology will run on Thameslink and Crossrail.

At Autumn Statement 2016 we announced that we would invest an additional.7 billion by 2020-21 in R D funding, the biggest increase in public R D investment of any parliament since 1979, to ensure British business remains at the cutting edge of scientific and. Science, research and innovation, where we must become a more innovative economy, and do more to commercialise our world leading science base to deliver growth across the UK Skills, where we must help people and businesses to thrive by ensuring everyone has the basic skills. Next steps This strategy has a set out how we will build on our success to date to develop a world leading digital economy that works for everyone. A range of tools and advice - including on governments Go Superfast Checker website - are now available to make it easier for communities to identify their connectivity challenges and to establish community broadband solutions. Public and private investment in digital signalling over the next 10 years will aim to cement UK leadership in a growing market, worth over 30 billion globally by 2020. Compared to historical one-dimensional public transport maps, the app provides a modern real-time view of urban mobility. Alongside this we will look at procurement across government, drawing in expertise from the digital sector itself, to see what changes can be made to help more British digital and technology suppliers benefit from governments own spending.

Effective regulation It is essential that we pergerakan harga forex hari ini continue to create conditions that encourage investment in the UKs digital infrastructure. We are consolidating this effort to assert a world leadership position in the demonstration and deployment of connected and autonomous vehicle technologies. We will also work across government to determine the best next steps for other forms of identity (such as verification of intermediaries and businesses) and which parts of government would be best placed to lead on this. There should not be a gap between what is promised by providers and what is experienced by the consumer. The Government will consider carefully the findings of these two studies which will complement, but remain separate from, the review into how we can create the conditions for the artificial intelligence industry to thrive and grow in the. The challenge now is to continue to attract, recruit and retain specialists in a very competitive marketplace. The wider economy - helping every British business become a digital business The benefits of digital are not limited to the digital sectors: digital transformation can make every business in every sector more productive, wherever they are located. The government has worked with the IWF to share with major technology companies almost 35,000 digital fingerprints or hashes of indecent images of children known to law enforcement agencies, so that they can remove the images from their platforms and services. In 2014 there were almost 200,000 digital businesses in the. Independent research suggests increased broadband speeds alone could add 17 billion to UK output by 2024.

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