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dozens of other categories. Website, create a link to your existing website and turn it into an app. There are no ads either, because its fully funded by optional paid subscriptions (starting at around 5/3.50 per month). It also doesnt have lyrics for every song, though we tried some semi-obscure stuff and it found lyrics without any issue, so you should be able to get lyrics for most things. Free apps daily!

If you ever find yourself running low on data, then Datally is the app for you. Your Phone Companion, your Phone Companion is a companion app for a PC app called you guessed it Your Phone. Scout FM Need more podcasts to listen to and not sure where to start? Its that second part thats the most interesting. With optional fingerprint or passcode security, no unauthorized eyes will be able to access your memories. Audiobook Reader, good e-Reader's Audiobook Reader is a unique e-reader app.