c# get forex data from sql function

dbo. Class Foo1 public String P1 get; set; public String P2 get; set; class Foo2 public String P3 get; set; public String P4 get; set; P1, P2, P3 and P4 are in no way related. Ideally, I would like to iterate through "reader" object inside this function but return either List Foo1 or List Foo2. If you are using SQL Server. Empty) lue bstring(1.DbType siString; else Err " argumentnotfound " rameterName " /argumentnotfound else lue lue; return cmd. Data.SqlTypes; using rver; public class UserDefinedFunctions SqlFunction(FillRowMethodName "SplitStringFillRow", TableDefinition "part nvarchar(MAX ID_order INT" ) static public IEnumerator SplitString(SqlString text, char delimiter) if (Null) yield break ; int valueIndex 1; foreach ( string s in lue. List Object objectlist new List Object using (SqlConnection conn getConnection using (SqlCommand cmd eateCommand try Same as before SqlDataReader reader cmd. See below code,.

c# get forex data from sql function

If you already have a query on your TableAdapter that uses an SQL statement to return rows, then skip to the next procedure, "To declare.
Establishing the MySQL Connection.
MySqlConnection conn new Sourceeu;User Idptly.

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ExecuteReader while(ad if(ClassName "Foo1 Foo1 f new Foo1.P1 reader"p1".ToString d(f1 else if(ClassName "Foo2 Create and initialize Foo2 object d(f2 return objectList; catch (Exception e) finally ose return null; Is there a better/elegant approach? Create assembly clrfunctions from 'C:SplitString. END, i want call this function in my project and keep return value yemek) in a variable. I have to create a List Foo1 and List Foo2 The input for the stored procedures which return the Foo1's and Foo2's are different. I want get return value of sql function. Here is my problem - I want to create a generic function that would connect to database and fetch either Foo1 or Foo2 list as I wish. Second: look at what your call to rmat generates; that is generating @1 and @n for n another integer, but that is not a valid parameter name. Then assign the datareader results to the gridview.

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