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we did call Cleri Models, and they said they were very interested in signing our daughter. I only recommend it if you just happen to have lots of money that you want to spend on something that can be a fun learning experience, but NOT if you think it will get you into the real world of modeling. And have you ever noticed that the seminars are never in your home city, it is always in another city. Barbizon teachers did an excellent job teaching us the model stance, walk, pose, half turn, etc., etc. To Whom It May Concern: While searching the web for the convention I am to attend in six months, I came across your reply to a mother with some questions about attending the Barbizon classes. Allegiance Capital Corporation, kPMG Corporate Finance. We professionals can help train you to approach agencies and the like." Blah. In another internet forum a similar question was asked about Barbizon. However, I went in fully knowing this, so it was much less painful for me than other "Barbizon parents" to whom I have spoken.

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They can cost a lot of money, too. Most modeling agencies are at least listed in the BBB. Charles Capital Hambrecht Quist SunTrust Banks, Inc. Barbizon said her daughter was one of the 32 students chosen out of 120 to attend because she had a good chance of getting a contract. These prove the models get work. Rene answered: NO NO NO NO barbizon IS *NOT* FOR real! If you did not know. The main issues are: What percentage get work? Of course with the approval of the agency, and if the modeling agency does not already offer the same training and preparation. Through the audition, no bags trading strategy works right? IF Cleri wants us to fly out there and do a photo shoot, are the chances pretty good that they will promote my daughter (as Barbizon has NOT)? I paid over 1,000.