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other workers safe. Collectively these have also been called the risk sensitivities, 1 risk measures 2 :742 or hedge parameters. Its facility keeps supply chains rocking, serving as the crucial first step in importers distribution systems in the United States, through port delays and even Superstorm Sandy. Amy Roach Partridge Behind the Buzz About Flexible Automation Thanks to e-commerce, many distribution centers are now fulfilling a greater number of smaller orders rendering conventional materials handling automation systems somewhat outdated.

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Barry Brandman Supply Chain Security: Playing It Safe Successful companies are concerned about supply chain security. Joseph O'Reilly Retailers Try.T. Theres no more time to sit on our hands; its up to the.S. Justine Brown Distance Learning: Making the World Your Classroom Online logistics education programs train students for supply chain jobs through webcasts and discussion forums, while short on-campus residencies help students network with peers and professors. Joseph O'Reilly Global Ports: A Boatload of Opportunity Facing a number of challenges and constraints, the global port industry is addressing concerns and capitalizing on new opportunities. Various uses of robots in the supply chain and the benefits those systems provide. Lisa Terry Customer Service: Its the Thought That Counts Technology is enabling an unprecedented level of transparency and communication to help shippers and their logistics providers understand each other's operations, and collaborate in ways that were much more difficult in the past. Leslie Hansen Harps Making Dollars Sense Out of Logistics Treating logistics as a profit center can expand both revenue and profit, and build your leverage base. Lisa Harrington Automotive Logistics: The Upside of Resiliency Collaborative risk management helps automakers and their supply chain partners protect against disruptions. Joseph O'Reilly Inbound Logistics Market Insight Survey: 3PL Perspectives IL's annual 3PL Market Insight Survey offers a penetrating perspective into the market drivers governing 3PL growth strategies - in terms of operational scope, as well as the types of services and technologies logistics providers are. Site Selection: Building for the Future Bigger isn't always better.