standard gk for bank exams pdf

solved papers and books. . Make notice on, iBPS Exam Syllabus. Banerjee Question 30: First Indian pilot was? Answer: Hawkins Download ibps Clerk Questions Topic wise Question 29: Who was the first president of Indian national congress Answer:.C. So you need to prepare topics like- 5-year plans, books with authors, Indian Constitution Indian Constitution Questions, Gk of India, agriculture, award, sports, budget and taxes, countries and currencies, important days, national and international organization, Indian history, geography.

Standard gk for bank exams pdf
standard gk for bank exams pdf

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Answer: Verghese Kurien Question 28: What is the name of first British to visit India? Static, gk, capsule, pDF for, bank, exams 5 (100) 30 votes, static, gk, capsule, pDF for, bank, exams : Most banking aspirants feel, gK is hard as it they keep preparing mainly on other areas like quant, reasoning and english but. Answer: Services Question 6: A commercial bank law creates credit only if it has Answer: Permission of RBI Question 7: Leonardo da vinci represented the age of? Which happens or happened once in the time period. Answer: Jammu and Kashmir Question 14: What is the name of that system which uses radioactivity to decide the period of materials of pre-historic period? Answer: Neerja Bhanot Question 20: The term Roaring forties is related to the? Download Static, gk, capsule, pDF for, bank, exams 75 ibps Clerk Mocks just.199. Pdf, download online and ibps, gK, question with Answers. Ibps department provides human power to participating private and public sector banks. This pdf will prove useful to you in the preparation of competitive exams.

standard gk for bank exams pdf

This file consists all important topics which are being asked in every competitive exam like Satellite launching stations, Public sector banks heads and HQs, Imp Private banks heads and HQs, Insurance companies in India.
PDF was included with all Static GK Topics with recent updates.