seasonal trading strategy

a logical operation. Application: The application of the Complex technique for individual areas such as equities can still be described as easy. Window Dressing, while many traders will be focused on turkey and dressing this Thanksgiving, seasonal stock traders will be more concerned with another type of dressing: window dressing. Not every day of the week is created equally and has the same level of trading activity. The seasonality definition says that the seasonal patterns are a predictable change in price that repeats every day, week, month, year at the same period in time.

Disclosure: the author holds no position in the stocks mentioned. The idea is that investors who havent been paying close attention will give the stocks a once-over, see that they have been performing well and then credit the manager. A smart way to use this trading information is to buy bullish trends (sell bearish trends) early in the week. Moving forward were going to examine the EUR/USD seasonal cycle and how to trade like a pro using seasonal investing strategies. You can also read our best Gann Fan trading strategy. Long-term oriented investors can also utilize seasonality, namely for fine tuning entry (for example by shifting the planned buying of a stock from August to the more favorable November time frame). It must be kept in mind that seasonality as such does not exist in one market; rather only individual seasonal patterns exist.

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