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and"tion data, the output is your optimization target (say CAR/MDD). So Runs parameter defines number of subsequent algorithm runs. RSI(17) 75 AND ADX(14) 25, short Condition, rSI(17) 25 AND ADX(14) 25, sell Condition. It should be noted, as it is the case with many continouos-space search algorithms, that decreasing "step" parameter in Optimize funciton calls does not significantly affect optimization times. How does it work? 3D optimization charts are great tool to prevent curve-fitting. One is using fixed position size of 150. You decide what is a minimum and maximum allowable value of the parameter and in what increments this value should be updated. In "All symbols" and "Filter" modes it will process all symbols sequentially,.e. The number of different parameters (number of optimize function calls). Enter "PSO finance" or "CMA-ES finance" in Google and you will find lots of info.

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If you find any misleading or non-reproducible content then please inform us at Share on Facebook Share on Google). Multiple (3) variable optimization: mfast Optimize ( "macd Fast", 12, 8, 16, 1 mslow Optimize ( "macd Slow", 26, 17, 30, 1 sigavg Optimize ( "Signal average", 9, 2, 20, 1 Buy Cross ( macd ( mfast, mslow ), Signal ( mfast, mslow, sigavg ). AmiBroker will start testing all possible combinations of optimization variables and report the results in the list. Trade Start time and, trade End time. To mca jobs work from home do so use OptimizerSetOption function. For scientific background see: ml According to scientific benchmarks outperforms nine other, most popular evolutionary strategies (like PSO, Genetic and Differential evolution). As to algorithm used by non-exhaustive search it looks as follows: a) the optimizer generates some (usually random) starting population of parameter sets b) backtest is performed by AmiBroker for each parameter set from the population c) the results of backtests are evaluated according. Therefore each run may lead to finding different local max/min (if it does not find global one). Default is a default value that optimize function returns in exploration, indicator, commentary, scan and normal back test modes min is a minimum value of the variable being optimized max is a maximum value of the variable being optimized step is an interval used for. By default the 3D charts display values of Net profit against optimization variables. Up down arrow KEY - rotate horiz. Some of smart optimization algorithms are based on nature (animal behavior) - PSO algorithm, or biological process - Genetic algorithms, and some are based on mathematical concepts derived by humans - CMA-ES.

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