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your tax residency status and earning amount. List of tax deductions in South Africa. Background to changes to 18 rate edit In the Chancellor's October 2007 Autumn Statement, draft proposals were announced that would change the applicable rates of CGT as of Under these proposals, an individual's annual exemption will continue but taper relief will cease and a single. Just count the number of days of holding of those assets before you sold. However, if equities are held for less than one year and is sold through recognised stock exchange then short term capital gain is taxable at a flat rate of 15 u/s 111A and other surcharges, educational cess are imposed. Pdf/1-036-D-2012-d.pdf "Die Besteuerung der Grundstckgewinne" (PDF). Interest paid on loans is deductible, although in case the net capital income is negative, only approx. South African income tax allowances and deductions Certain forms of income are exempt from tax in South Africa. Investment funds, banks and corporations are exempted of capital gain tax over stock. If you included selling costs in the above allowed costs, remove it now.

Retrieved Ross Martin Tax Consultancy Limited.   R  This is called the Base Cost.

"A Capital Gains Anomaly: Commissioner. R410,461555,600: 36 (R97,225 plus 36 of taxable income above R410,460). Those submitting a late South African income tax return or making a late payment will be liable for an admin penalty, which is outlined by the sars income tax authority here. Certain other gains are allowed to be rolled over upon re-investment. "Buying and Selling Residential Property" (PDF). "Summary of Korean Corporate and Individual Income Taxes 2007" (PDF).

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