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trade. These are all discussed below, as well as how to mitigate them. Lets now look at an example of what can happen if you dont practice position sizing effectively by failing to decrease the number of lots you are trading while increasing stop loss distance. m, forex, money, management : Simple, forex, money, management, strategies Stop You Blowing Up Your Account! Twitter: m/CurrencyCashCow Get 'Paid to Trade' Forex Earn Cash Every Month Regardless If You Win or Lose! Think about what action you would need to take to protect yourself if a bad scenario were to happen again. Do you think business owners treat their quarterly profit and loss statements as a game of points that is somehow detached from the reality of making or losing real money?

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Do not bend or ignore the rules of your system to make your current trade work. For example, say you risk 200 per trade, with a 100 pip stop loss you would trade 2 mini-lots: 2 per pip x 100 pips 200. Trader B thus losses 5 lots x 200 pips, but their loss is now a whopping 1,000 instead of the 250 it could have been. The money management strategy discussed in this article provides a realistic way to effectively grow your account without evoking the feeling of needing to over-trade which so often happens to traders who practice the risk method of forex money management. Theres psychological evidence that suggests its human nature to become more risk averse after a series of losing trades and less risk averse after a series of winning trades, but that doesnt mean the risk of any one trade becomes more or less simply because. The rationale behind this money management myth is that if you concentrate on pips instead of dollar you will somehow not become emotional about your trading because you will not be thinking about your trading account in monetary terms but rather as game of points. At this point, the stop is applied to the entry price in such a manner that market noise does not trigger it, leaving the trade with a chance to advance and do better.