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to go over some of the factors you should consider when selecting a trading system. It doesnt sound like the perfect working environment, does it? Average Winning Trade shows the average winning trade in currency or pips. It is just too much stress for them. This type of trader looks for trades in the more relaxed hours of the day, when a trading range develops (although there are some who look for strong movements instead). The basic idea of trading forex is pretty simple buy when price is low and sell when price is high. You must invest in it (time, effort and money) and slowly grow your profits. General rule: the higher the reward versus the risk, the lower the success rate will. You should also remember that once a stiff area was broken, regardless up or down, you can expect the price to continue in the direction of the break. So whatever you do and choose, try and practice, then practice some more until you are confident that this specific strategy doesnt put you on the edge.

We call such zones resistance when the price is below the level. For scalping strategies that could be anywhere from 1 minutes (or less) to 10-15 minutes. The more the better. Emotions Psychology Free Time for Trading Reading Strategys Performance Statistics There are thousands if not millions of strategies, both paid and free, that you can find on the internet and offline. Your total plain-English guide to trading Forex Open 24 hours a day, forex trading jobs in dubai 5 days per week, and trading nearly 4 trillion (US) per day, Forex is the biggest, fastest growing financial market in the world.